Saturday, December 03, 2011

Food Truck Friendly Laws Continue

I saw this on WJZ recently: laws enacted in June to make things easier for food trucks to operate legally and effectively were at first set to expire at the end of the year.  No more!  The city has extended them indefinitely.  WJZ's Monique Griego interviewed Gypsy Queen Café operator Tom Looney about Baltimore's food truck policies.

“There wasn’t really a central database that you look at to say this is what I need to do to operate a food truck,” said Looney.
The new policies also created designated parking areas and did away with a proximity ban that kept trucks from parking near restaurants.
Looney says vendors hope to work with the city on setting permanent policies. [WJZ 2011]

Hopefully the policies will become permanent!  (NB: there is video of the report on the page, but I can't embed it for some reason. Oh, it gives the option.  But Blogger just doesn't understand how to display it.  So watch it on WJZ's page)