Friday, December 30, 2011

Chiu's still got it!

I don't get to write too much about where I eat anymore.  Last night I got to go with the sister, her husband and friends to Chiu's in Harbor East.  We didn't do what we usually do: order a few rolls, some soup, maybe some sashimi, and tempura ice cream.  We had a more varied menu.  Our one friend, who used to work in a Japanese restaurant, was not too big on the sushi rice, and the tempura shrimp wasn't as crispy as it usually is.  But overall we found the service and the food to be good as usual. The food came out about as quickly as I could have hoped for.

One thing I do want to point out: Hakushika's Snow Beauty sake ($18 for 300mL).  When you shake it up, sediments at the bottom mix in with the sake to make it very milky.  I liked this sake.  It was silky (hey - silky and milky!) and a little sweet, though very slightly gritty if you don't mix it well before pouring.