Monday, August 22, 2011

Trippel and Mighty Arrow (New Belgium)

Continuing through the bottles of New Belgium that I brought back from Cali this summer - which I don't have to do anymore as of this week - are two brews I haven't tried before.  As an intro to these beers for those of us in the Mid-Atlantic, here's what I thought of a few more ales.

Trippel - As New Belgium describes it, this Belgian-style ale starts with a "bold blast of hops" and a hint of coriander.  I taste the coriander, which is not something I expect in a beer (but I was looking for it since, well, it said on the bottle that it had coriander in it).  It's a complex and different beer that I will look for when I go beer shopping.

Mighty Arrow - This winter seasonal pale ale is a good beer.  It tastes like many of the craft beers that I have had.  It's a good, bitter hoppy beer and I would order it if available.  Mind you, it isn't anything I would go out of the way for. But I would order it if it was there.

Any more beers?  I will have to wait until the full line of New Belgium rolls out here.