Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Things found at Fresh Market

The new Fresh Market is open now in Towson.  I stopped in to buy some eggs tonight and found a few things I had never set eyes on before.

The strangest things I saw (and tasted) were okra chips.  For $12 per lb in the bulk section (a plastic ziploc bag will probably run about $2), these are not what you would imagine.  They're just crispy dried okra.  There is a very slight residual sliminess inside - that's okra for you - but apart from that they are crispy and crunchy and fall apart quite easy.  The check out person said they are popular.  They have to be since they're pushing them like crazy.  It's a clean, crisp okra like I have never eaten before.

I also found something called Moxie.  This is a soft drink very popular in New England and unheard of here.  Any of you all New England transplants looking for it can find it at the Fresh Market in Towson.