Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Where do you get your crab meat?

I was just discussing (okay, tweeting) about getting ready to make a crabcake from an old handwritten & hand-pasted family cookbook from my my mother's Great Aunt Florence, who died long before I was born. I was noting just how happy I am to have actual Chesapeake Bay crab meat to use. It's not so easy to find these days. Usually in Giant, I am lucky to find a tub that doesn't say "Packaged in China/Thailand/Indonesia" on the bottom.

So that led to the poll on the right, under the photo: where does YOUR crab meat come from? I try my best to only use Chesapeake Bay crab meat - for me, as long as it's from Maryland or Virginia, I'm happy (yes, Virginia - it is the same Bay). North Carolina is close enough to work when our crabs aren't in season, and the Tar Heels seem to prefer theirs to the ones from Virginia & Maryland, bless their hearts. (In fairness, I'd be saying the same thing about Chesapeake Bay crabs if I were from North Carolina - the local crab is always the favorite!)

The poll closes at the end of the day on August 2 (coinciding with the looming default on our nation's credit, by the way). You can choose multiple answers.