Friday, July 29, 2011

Thank you, Baltimore Magazine!!!

Baltimore Magazine has named this blog one of the top ten blogs of the year! In their own words...

The Baltimore Snacker: Not just recipes, but reports on local markets, road-trip food, and videos—some food related, some not—all presented with a heaping helping of spot-on humor. [Baltimore Magazine 2011]
I'm smiling here :) But as I tweeted and emailed before, I want to extend sincere apologies to the intern who emailed me and tried to get some info about the blog, but didn't because I was lazy and hadn't checked my messages until after the deadline. Egg on my face here.

But back to Baltimore Magazine: thank you again. This means very much after a difficult year that saw me shut it all down for a few weeks, only then to get a similar compliment from the City Paper (note the headline currently at the top of the page) and then for me to start a whole new project (look for posts about Louisiana this week and next), and try to restart another (yes, gas prices helped bring the Back to the Beltway series to a halt).

I am, as always, humbly touched that I have fans, even more that they like the blog!


bmarinari said...

Congrats John, and well-deserved.

John said...

Brian, dude, thank you so much :)