Thursday, July 21, 2011

It's too darn hot...

I will be cooking today. I know, I am crazy. However, I do have some cold stuff to pair it off with as well: gazpacho in the freezer and salad in the fridge. Let's hope those go well with those exotic New England fiddleheads I yanked out of the freezer and will be stir frying up today (read about it in a few weeks when I try to interpret the foods of Maine).

In the meantime, deal with the heat in these ways:

* Please stay well-hydrated today, stay indoors in the A/C or at least a fan, as much as humanly possible - , for example, a mall, library, museum, hospital (if you have someone to visit - try not to go there as a patient, please), or house of worship (pray for cool weather - do it).

* If you do visit an air-conditioned pub, make sure you offset any alcohol you drink with water or juice or something along those lines. And don't just rely on soda, coffee or tea today either: the caffeine can be bad in this heat. Again, offset them with water, juices or anything that provides electrolytes.

* If you are doing activities outside (like the footie I was playing yesterday evening in much cooler 90° temperatures), stay hydrated and take frequent breaks.

* It's probably a fool's errand to look for the food trucks out today: the Gypsy Queen Café Truck (Twitter: @thegypsytruck) has already said they are staying home today due to the heat. Not to discourage people from visiting the food trucks, but who knows which ones will be out today? (UPDATE: At least one will be out today; the Kooper's Chowhound - Twitter: @BRGRwagon - is in Mount Vernon until 1:30. And the Haute Dog Carte - Twitter: @hautedogcarte - as always, is selling its delicious dogs).

* Did I mention that you need to stay hydrated today?

* Check in on your sick and elderly, and if you see any animals locked in cars... well I don't even want to think about that!