Monday, July 04, 2011

Food Truck Rally in Baltimore!

Get ready to rrrrrrrrrrresauraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant!

(Okay that was stupid. Anywho...)

Charm City is finally hitting the foodie big leagues, as several of her food trucks are clamoring together in Harbor East on Friday, July 8 (that's this Friday, y'all) for a Food Truck Rally. It will be at the more-than-occasional venue of the Silver Platter truck (421 Central Avenue). Attendees so far, according to the above-linked page at the Baltimore Sun website, should include:

* GrrChe (Twitter: @grrche - gourmet grilled cheeses)
* Gypsy Queen (Twitter: @thegypsytruck - As their website says, they join "inventive cuisine with cheeky-smart ass street food". Smart ass food sounds enticing to me.)
* Iced Gems (Twitter: @icedgemsbaking - The gourmet cupcake truck and bakery that I have oft raved about here and on Twitter)
* Miss Shirley's (Twitter: @missshirleys - I didn't realize one of the city's favorite brunch locales now comes to you!)
* Souper Freak (Twitter: @souperfreaky - delicious soups and sandwiches. Oh sweet Jesus, I caught myself almost saying "sammies")

I assume the Silver Platter truck, with its blue crab tostadas, buttermilk calamari and New England lobster rolls, will be there too, but I saw no word in the Sun. One can hope. I haven't gotten a chance to try it yet.


Sly said...

Silver Platter will be there according to Facebook page.