Monday, May 02, 2011

On hoarding stuff at the supermarket

My God, someone went around to both the area Trader Joe's and bought up all the plain pizza dough (just 99 cents per pound). I'm not kidding - ALL of it. I stopped at the one in Pikesville, and the nice guy (kind of cute, too) told me this. He was so nice as to go into the back to check if there were any more. No more. So I bought some of the whole wheat pizza dough, and then drove to the Towson location on a hunch. Same - only whole wheat and garlic & herb, and lots of each, but no plain.

So to the person who went to both Trader Joe's in the Baltimore area and bought up all the plain pizza dough (again, just 99 cents a bag), a haiku:

What do you need with
Fifty bags of pizza dough?
World's largest calzone?

Dude, nobody needs
THAT much dough for pizza. Please:
Don't hog all of it :|


Matthew said...

MAYBE it's a restaurant owner, who realized that they can buy it for cheaper than they can make it from scratch...

John said...

Well then he (or she) is a bad restaurateur...