Wednesday, May 18, 2011

In & Out vs Five Guys?

The taste test is coming up soon, as I fly across the continent just to try In & Out side by side with Five Guys!'

Okay no, that isn't why I'm going to Cali at all. I am visiting friends. But since Five Guys is finally on the West Coast, a taste test is in order. I was just telling a Twitter friend that I find Five Guys "overrated" and way too expensive for what you get. I also replied that message to Serious Eats, who did the ultimate taste test: In & Out vs Five Guys vs New York's wonderful Shake Shack. They did this totally scientifically: since they had to bring the In & Out burger home on a plane, they also inflicted the same handicap on the other burgers, buying them approximately the same time as the In & Out burger was purchased, and eating them all at the same time.

Their humble opinion: Shake Shack is best (I prefer In & Out over Shake Shack, but just barely). We are both in agreement on Five Guys:

As for Five Guys? Well, despite their legions of followers and rapid (perhaps too rapid?) expansion, we're mostly left just scratching our heads. It's not a bad burger per se, but the flavor of its beef is nowhere near in line with its proportions. [ 2011]
As for Shake Shack being the winner: despite what they say, I still think it has everything to do with it being the hometown burger for these New York foodies.