Friday, April 08, 2011

In N Out vs Five Guys?

Erik Hayden writes for The Atlantic about an East Coast-West Coast burger war I did not even know about:

[W]hen Five Guys launched its West Coast expansion in 2008, SoCal-based blogs and local newspapers (the O.C. Register and the Los Angeles Times love fanning the flames of this subject) fretted about the impending war between the two beloved, identical seeming burger franchises. Then, in 2010 came shocking news for area fast-foodies: In-N-Out was "ousted" by Guys as Zagat's Best Burger and Five Guys was deemed a worthy competitor to In-N-Out. [Hayden 2011]
As the author points out, the folks in SoCal are intensely loyal to In-N-Out (I should know, having lived there for several years). I've eaten at both, and I knew Five Guys was more widespread than In N Out. What I did not realize was that Five Guys was heading west, unlike In N Out, which will never head our way. But honestly, I don't really have a sense of which one is better or not. I'm heading to SoCal next month. Perhaps it's time for a taste test?


Matthew said...

In-N-Out is in texas now. you never know...they may move east... in another 30 years... :)

oh, and in-n-out, from a lifetime east coaster...

Kitt said...

Never had a Five Guys burger, but I sure love In-N-Out. I wish one of them would come to Denver, if Five Guys is comparable.