Saturday, December 11, 2010

The ONE thing I hate about farmers' markets

The ONE thing I hate about farmers' markets is the individual who moves as slowly as possible, not because others are blocking his or her path, but because he or she is soaking in the sights!

The smells!

The good vibes and karma!

The handmade cheeses and farm fresh apples, garlic and kale grown just 50 miles away by the same farmers who are handing it to you!

Sometimes stopping to chat with friends right in the middle of the thoroughfare!

Taking fliers and circulars about socialism and veganism!

All the while never realizing that they are in your fucking way!!!

That's the one and only thing I hate about farmers' markets.


awb said...

I like it when they look at you while they talk, but still don't get out of the way. And my wife says I have to work on my people skills

Nanc Twop said...

Use an old-tyme technique...

Pinch'em, they'll move !


Mairead said...

They're the slightly more hip cousins of the mall sheep, who pull the same shenanigans, but in packs. We are NOT amused.

Maybe someone should do a spinoff of "You fail at social spaces for the following reasons" tickets could be awesome.

FeFe said...

The ONE thing I hate about farmer's markets: Don't tell me how to live my life. Less socialist and vegan preaching simply because I may choose to buy your product.

Gwen said...

Oh dear, sounds like you hit the big FM under the overpass? That stroller brigade used to drive me nuts!

John said...

No, actually: this was the 33rd St farmers' Market in Waverly.