Friday, September 03, 2010

Haute Dog Carte

I have to hand it to the folks running the Haute Dog Carte, conveniently located near the corner of Lake and Falls next to Bonjour Bakery. They have a good business going. How so? Let me note the ways:

  • Their onion and tomato jam (it's better than ketchup) may make you swear off eating mustard on your hot dogs ever again - unless you taste their Dijon mustard.
  • Their different-each-week Binkert's Dog ($4), and their different-each-week Chef's Dog ($5) - today was a Filipino frank called the Maharlika. I got their Dijon in my bun but they were right: I didn't need it.
  • Oh, these buns are soft and hollowed out, not open-faced at all like a typical hot dog bun.
  • And the way they warm those buns - which leads to some, ahem, startling comments from some otherwise unassuming blue haired little old ladies...
  • Their Signature Dog ($4.50) is a 1/2 pound Angus dog. I haven't had it but it sounds good.
  • Even if you just get the regular $2 dog, you have a variety of toppings to put on it. I'd still recommend the Dijon or (even better) the onion-tomato jam. But there are a few toppings.
Since Dara's story on them, the Haute Dog Carte seems to have gone to seven days a week. This is lucky for the hot dog-lovin' public. Lake and Falls, right across from the Royal Farms. You can't miss it.

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diningdish said...

I wanted to see your take on Haute Dog lo and behold to find a link to my earlier story. Thank you. I've been back, I love trying the chef's dog of the week.

Glad to see they went to seven days.

Live long and prosper Haute Dog.

Dara aka Dining Dish

Chili-Diva said...

You are so right about their onion and tomato jam. I am now hungry. Time for a road trip to get a dog.