Thursday, August 19, 2010

So much pesto...

I accidentally let some of my basil go to flower in the garden. A little of it was bitter - as what normally happens when basil plants go to flower. I ended up harvesting about half of the basil I had in my garden plot at Clifton Park. I now have a good cup and a half of pesto, and a seemingly endless supply of basil. In fact, not just basil, but also mint (lots of uses for that), oregano (same) and rue (I used it in a recipe once). In addition, I picked a few tomatoes, including some San Marzanos that I grew from seed (I have lots of green San Marzano tomatoes). Also got some chilies, and a squash that another person just up and gave me since he was going out of town. In fact, he also let me have as many squash blossoms as I could gather, since the plant was about at the end of its rope. I hope to use them in some Mexican-style recipes soon enough.