Sunday, August 01, 2010

Nigella's Bacon and Tomato Hash

I decided to start using up the many things that are just sitting and biding their time in my fridge, before they start molding over, with some Nigella love. Since I had all the ingredients for her bacon and tomato hash on hand (I saw this recipe yesterday on the Cooking Channel, mind you), I went ahead and made that. It turned out a little like the bacon wot that I made for the Great Grapes cooking contest in June, only wetter. It was also a great way to use up some of the tomatoes I got from my garden but haven't had time to do anything with yet.

Just take a few tablespoons of olive oil, heat, and add four thick slices of bacon cut into square pieces. Cook until kind of crispy. I added some more of that Berbere spice I just have lying around. Anyway, add two sliced cloves of garlic and two big juicy tomatoes. I also threw in a banana pepper or two from my garden just for extra flavor. Cook a few more minutes and serve. I am eating mine with rice and some roasted squash, and a bit of cilantro that went to flower. It's still good. You can eat the flowers, you know.


theminx said...

...and the seeds!

Sounds yummy! I keep forgetting that I want to make some bacon wot; thanks for the reminder.