Thursday, August 26, 2010

If I Were Trader Joe's...

I didn't even know this strange homage to Trader Joe's even existed... until this morning while listening to NPR's Morning Edition. Trader Joe's is amazing. Its popularity is really due to word of mouth. I was first introduced to it not when it came to Towson a decade ago. Instead, it was just after I moved to Riverside, California in '97, and my fellow grad students mentioned it and just about had an... well let's just say they were in love with it. One of them had a friend in St. Louis which did not, at the time, have a Trader Joe's, and she begged her West Coast friends to bring some out to her. In the late 90's, almost all of the nation's Trader Joe's stores were in the Pacific Time Zone. Now they're everywhere.

The cars that won't fit in the parking lot. Y'all can say that again.


Summer said...

totally LOVED this!! Thanks for posting! :-)

wish we could buy alcohol in maryland stores.