Friday, April 02, 2010

Road Trip to Rehoboth! (Dogfish Head Update and Apologia)

I haven't gotten around to posting about my recent, very impromptu trip to Rehoboth Beach last weekend (again, glad I could help you out, Eric, and thanks everyone - I had fun). Before last week, I had only once visited this gay mecca of the Mid-Atlantic region. Go figure. Along the way there and back I did get to try some food I rarely get the chance to eat.

Before I go on, however, I have to note that I very sadly did not get the chance to stop at the awesome and fabled Dogfish Head Brewpub (I didn't mean to disappoint you, Brad)! As I noted in a comment below: I had very little time in Rehoboth - just an overnight, and I only had about 1/2 an hour to myself before I had to leave. I couldn't rush a trip to Dogfish! But it will definitely happen next time. And hey, at least I brought a four pack of Midas Touch down with me, so there was some Dogfish Head-ness for me after all.

Sonic Drive-In

There is a Sonic Drive-In in Bridgeville, Delaware! Sure, there are other Sonics in Delmarva, even in the Maryland part of it, but they are on the way to OC and I wasn't going there. For those of you who hanker for Sonic but are just headed straight to Rehoboth, you are in luck because it is right along the way. No fried pickles at this one like the one I stopped at in Hinesville, Georgia, last summer. Bummer. But I did get a bacon cheeseburger with onion rings (only 30 cents more to get onion rings instead of fries) and a medium soda. Total price: around $6.50.

The burger was filling and even had an onion ring sandwiched in between the burger and the bun. It is a bit of a messy burger to eat if you're not careful. Still, I actually found the side order of onion rings more satisfying. Hardly like Burger King's little perfect circles of what I could only call "processed onion food", these are thick rings of onion covered in crispy and a little greasy batter. When those Sonics open up in the Baltimore area soon I will probably go just for that.

Blue Moon Restaurant also a gay bar! That's not a tough thing to find in Rehoboth, mind you. I went with several friends and we closed the place (at 1 AM)! I got me a Guinness for about $5. I was certainly enjoying myself, by the way. You should've heard my rendition of "Poker Face" on the dance floor (yes, it is actually in my range, and I am a damn good singer). They had finger foods out for patrons all night, like little quiches and some sort of breaded cheese.

Louie's Pizza

Eric recommended Louie's (by the Boardwalk) for their subs, which he always stops to get before the drive home. They told me it would take 10 minutes for my Italian super cold cut sub. It only took five. A juicy, meaty six inch sub that is very difficult to eat while driving will cost you about $6.

Eventually I had to resort to just picking up individual cold cuts to eat on their own.

Candy Kitchen

Candy Kitchens are almost like Starbucks in Rehoboth. I didn't shop at this one. At least I don't think I did.

How could I leave the Eastern Shore or the Delmarva Peninsula without a stop at the Candy Kitchen? It wasn't easy, so I stopped. Got a half pound of fudge - a quarter each of vanilla and chocolate for about $5. Candy Kitchen fudge, I have missed you.

And one strange aside...

I won't go into too many details about why I headed down to Rehoboth, since it would take a while to explain anyway, and since there are photos that I really don't want floating around the internet. But all I will say is this: it all had to do with a murder mystery weekend that some of the guys had planned, with more than a few gay men in drag - and they do this every year. I enjoyed it immensely and look forward to the next one.

That said, since this was the first one I had ever been to, I was put through a disturbing culinary rite of passage. Due to its secrecy, I shall not reveal it so as not to piss anyone off. But as awful as it was, and as hopeful as I am to never do that again, it actually wasn't as bad as it seemed at the time. But it was bad.

Other photos -

Facing away from the Boardwalk

Facing the Atlantic Ocean and Dolle's, which I did not get the chance to stop at.

Maryland's flag is so much more bizarre and interesting than Delaware's! Or most state flags for that matter. Is that the county flag on the left?

Fields of pretty flowers

And back over the mighty Chesapeake, a ride that always manages to freak me out.


Brad said...

No Dogfish Head brewpub stop? C'mon now!

John said...

Oh Brad, I so wanted to do that! But I had so little time and I had to rush back to B'more. You can't rush something like a trip to Dogfish Head Brewpub! :)

In fact I think I must add that to the post for clarification.

Anonymous said...

There is a Sonic being built as we speak on Liberty Rd in Randallstown (Balto County), MD. It will open likely second week of July 2010