Thursday, March 04, 2010

My high school is closing

As just announced yesterday by the Archdiocese of Baltimore, my alma mater, Cardinal Gibbons, is shutting down. This makes little sense, since (so the Baltimore Sun tells it) enrollment is actually growing. But with the school only being 48 years old, I guess it was a prime target.

It still sucks. Babe Ruth went there, you know, when it was St. Mary's Industrial School for Boys. That is long before it was Gibbons.

I don't have many of food-related memories of Gibbons. One that I do have relates to the discovery that warming hot dogs is a useful way to utilize a slow cooker. I also looked forward to the many average meals in the cafeteria. Funny when I was choosing between it and Mount Saint Joe, but the cafeteria was one reason I sided with Gibbons. I guess even way back in the late 80's, I was putting food first. By 1991 - my graduation year - I was done, and lucky to have gotten through my tenure at Gibbons having eaten anything (Crohn's can be a real bitch).

It goes without saying, I have to contact other people in my graduating class to commiserate.


Ms. De said...

WOW. Hey. I have Crohns two. And i write a food blog about baltimore... weird.