Saturday, March 27, 2010

End of March Musings

March seems to be ending like a half lion-half lamb mutant monster thing. So cold, and yet so pretty. But at least we didn't get snow like they said we might. Please Mother Nature, no more...

A few eating experiences I have had over the past week...

  • I went with Alan & Eric to Iggie's, where we went the night of the Presidential Election a few years ago. I haven't gotten back since, but they have. Still as crowded as ever! I wasn't sure if we were each getting our own pizza or not, so I was eying the Quattro Formaggi (four cheese) for $9 for a small. But we ordered two large pizzas instead. One was the wonderful Alice ($15), a savory mixture of pesto, mozzarella, fresh tomato, garlic, spinach, goat cheese and Parmesan. We also ordered the pizza of the month, La Pecora Nera (didn't catch the price - around $13 I think). This pizza is a mixture of things we don't often see on a pizza in the US: lamb sausage, mozzarella, and roasted potatoes and red peppers. It was an unusual pizza for my tastes but so very delicious, savory and filling. Along with that, the guys each ordered a salad. I regretted not having done this as well, but I did get a taste of the Iggie's salad ($7), featuring pancetta and spinach.
  • The next night, after a busy and tiring day, I decided to head down to the Hippo and the Central again (I find myself going to both places more often these days), but only after grabbing a cheap bite to eat. I decided to try the Stable again, still mindful of being ignored the last time I came in. This time there were just as few customers, but this time I had a great experience. I was quickly seated and handed a menu, and the waiter was very helpful. Although the quesadilla sounded good, I eventually went for the Reuben ($8), which had some of the most tender corned beef I have had on a Reuben in a long time. The chips were a welcome change from the customary French fries that one often gets with a sandwich platter. This was a nice, cheap dinner for my taste, and I didn't even need a doggie bag.
  • In just a bit, I am heading down to Rehoboth! It's just an overnight trip but it should still be a blast! Along the way - in fact, directly along the way there is a Sonic Drive-In. I just can't wait for the ones opening up in Ellicott City and Lansdowne later this year, so I must stop along the way. Fried pickles and tater tots, here I come!


Renee H said...

Sonic in EC next year? YIPPEEEEE