Friday, February 12, 2010

MORE Sonics heading to Maryland!

What a way to play catch-up, y'all.

Jessica posted at her Examiner page (H/T HowChow) that two more Sonics are planned for the Baltimore Metro area in addition to the one opening in Reiserstown by September. One will be in Ellicott City and a second Baltimore County location in Lansdowne (yes, that makes three total, in addition to the lonely little Sonic in Easton, Talbot County, over on the Eastern Shore). That last one is extremely convenient to me, as most of my immediate family lives in Lansdowne. So I will have ample opportunities to visit.

She also notes that other locations may be popping up in Anne Arundel and Carroll Counties, as well as additional spots in Howard and Baltimore Counties.

I feel almost like one of those Chick-Fil-Aniacs who get giddy whenever they hear about a new CFA opening up somewhere in North America. Though not as obsessive as they are, Sonic was a place I visited often when I went to Oklahoma a few years ago (they are everywhere there). You cannot tell how much I am looking forward to this.

I would like to ask the folks over at Sonic, as well as the various county executives, what the hell took them so damn long to get to Maryland anyway?

Next on my wish list: how about a Del Taco or two opening up around here? Or a Wagamama?


LoveFeast Table said...

I am still a chik fileter! But, glad you're happy!!

Jen said...

Whenever I drive to the Outer Banks, I make sure to stop at the Sonic near Yorktown. And whenever I'm visiting dear friends in Nashville, we ALWAYS go. So I am both thrilled and a little terrified that they will be so close.

Of course I felt that way with the Checkers in E.C. at first and it didn't kill me, so heck, bring on the Sonic!

Katie said...

There is also a Sonic in Salisbury, MD

John said...

Then the Sonic in Easton isn't so lonely!