Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pombe Ya N'Dizi - Day 7

Stay tuned for a Restaurant Week post on Sascha's 527, where my sister and I went the other night, as well as another food ethnography post on some Tanzanian banana fritters. But to tide y'all over, here are some photos of the Pombe Ya N'Dizi project, day 7.

I am getting ready to strain the banana wine. I have to put it back into the jar, so I need to strain it first into this iced tea jug at left. It almost filled it twice.

Since I had never before made wine, I was kind of surprised by its really strong fermented scent. I was also wondering if it should be cleared up at all yet.

And here's the strained wine, jug cleaned out and refilled. Since it must be airtight, I sealed the rim of the lid with duct tape (yet another use for this versatile wonder of Home Depot).

Super Bowl Sunday holds little interest for me, since the Ravens didn't make it. So it officially become "Straining Day #3" and Day 14 of the Pombe Ya N'Dizi experiment.