Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fraa-Jee-Lay... It must be Italian!


Wendi at Bon Appetit, Hon! has started a(n annual?) award-giving practice of just recognizing some area blogs that she likes and has great things to say about. But in true Pay It Forward fashion, whoever receives a "Major Award" has to award other blogs with the distinction. And so on and so on. HowChow slipped me a Major Award, and since I accepted it, I have to award it forward, so to speak.

You can give an award for any reason whatsoever. As long as you have a reason to give it some sort of accolade. Wendi has the basic rules for the "It's a Major Award!" (IAMA!):

1. Post an entry on your blog that displays the IAMA! logo and links back to the person who gave you the award.

2. Name as many other blogs as you like that are deserving of an IAMA! award. But in doing so, you’ll need to say a word or two (or more) about what makes them awesome.

3. Include links to the blogs you are giving the IAMA! award.

4. Leave a comment in the newly awarded blogs letting them know that they have been recognized with an IAMA! award.

5. That’s it.

I assume you can award non-local blogs, but I'll give someone else the honor. I also expect that at some point, somebody is going to be re-awarded! Sorry if you're getting another major award - or should you be sorry?

Dining Dish - Because Dara is so busy I don't know how she has the time to still write a blog at all, much less one as good as hers. And her promotion and advocacy of woman chefs & restauranteurs is especially important in a field that is still overly male.

The Hungover Gourmet - Because Dan just celebrated the final print issue of THG, and because what he writes on THG blog still makes me chuckle.

Minx Eats - Because her hilariously smart-alecky Top Chef and Next Food Network Star recaps never cease to amuse me.

And I stopped watching Top Chef in September!

Pigtown Pigout - Yes, Meg, you're getting another major award. But this one is for the food half of your blogging enterprise. Anyone brave enough to try durian should get this award. I have yet to try durian.

Raspberry Eggplant - Yes, Roopa moved back to Brooklyn - the one in New York - last year, but she's still a local in spirit. Did you know she appeared on Jeopardy! recently?

Strawberries in Paris - Because Elizabeth delivers delicious recipes in such cheerful way! And her angel food cake will certainly turn out better than mine.

Sweet Mary - Because she makes one mean cupcake. And she's understanding the whole job search thing I'm going through.

Just because I didn't nominate you doesn't mean you're not worthy of a nomination. These are just a handful of blogs that deserve the mention. Hey, this isn't a bad idea, Wendi.


theminx said...

Thanks, John! I appreciate the award :)

Wendi said...

Congrats on your IAMA! and thanks for recognizing some of our hometown gems.

According to the fine print, the IAMA! award is open to all, regardless of location. I'm not sure how well this cheekyness will translate but hopefully the first International IAMA!will be awarded soon.

diningdish said...

You love me, you really, really love me... aaah shucks, thanks John. Can I give one back to you?

John said...

You're all welcome!

Dara: Sure, but I'm not re-gifting it back out again :)

diningdish said...

I never took you for a re-gifter maybe a couple other things, but not a re-gifter. Happy Thanksgiving

John said...

Hee hee, you have a good holiday too, Dara :)

Mary said...

Aw, how nice! And, I do...I REALLY do....Mary