Sunday, September 06, 2009

Notes from Trinacria and Lexington Market

I haven't been to Lexington Market in ages, and I've only been to the nearby Trinacria Italian deli once, so the other day I headed over to both. I spent $20 altogether - more than I had planned - but got some good loot for my troubles:

* God I love all the other stuff they have there. It smells wonderful there, too.
* The tiramisu from Trinacria is wonderful. You need to buy some, especially at $2.50 a slice.
* I wanted a cannolo but forgot to order it. I'm a doof.

Altogether I spent about $11 at Trinacria, for tiramisu, some anchovies, polenta in a tube and some mozzarella balls. The tiramisu was clearly my favorite thing. I will definitely get that again.

Over at LexMart, I know that you can find many things. I had heard Jane and Michael Stern on last week's installment of The Splendid Table speak wonderful things about Lexington market (of course), particularly Faidley's. I was surprised to find out that you could get squirrel and muskrat at LexMart, too. So I figured I would try to find it:

* I parked on street, cut through parking garage and ended up iin Lex Mkt East, that smallish addition across the street from the BIG main market
* I couldn't find the squirrel, but I had no idea that Faidley's - which carries blue crabs in just about any Chesapeake-friendly format - also carried muskrat. I didn't catch the price. I did see raccoon advertised at $20 a pop. They were out when I went.
* There was also a roach in Faidley's. Ick. It would've ick'd me out even more but in a massive market like Lexington, is it really any surprise that there are roaches anywhere?
* As I Tweeted a few days ago, I have discovered that Bergers cookies are no longer the best cookie in America. That title now belongs to Bergers cookies bought freshly made at their Lexington Market stand.
* Go to their stand and you see first-hand that Bergers makes sooooooo much more than that famous cookie. I had no idea that Bergers made snickerdoodles. Good snickerdoodles. I bought about $7 worth of Bergers legendary cookies, plus a chocolate top and some butter cookies and the aforementioned snickerdoodles.
* Also had a very nice chili hot dog from Konstants. More than made up for the three fried oysters I had earlier, each buried in a massive pillow of breading. It should be a crime to do that to an oyster.

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Nakiya said...

I need to make my way to Trinacaria. How far away is that from Lexington Market? Is it walking distance?

wayhip said...

Trinacria is about three blocks north of Lex Market on Paca Street - definitely within walking distance and well worth the march. Besides great food (homemade pasta and dessert items, breads baked on site, etc., etc.) they have amazing wine bargains. Take your own bag (we use one of those L.L. Bean canvas bags) and stock up. I don't know how John only spent $11 - we've never spent less than $50 there.

Pigtown-Design said...

damn... i went to trinacria intending only to buy two bottles of cheap wine, and ended up dropping about $40. lobster ravioli, anyone?