Monday, August 10, 2009

Things made out of bacon that SHOULDN'T be?

I don't buy into the notion that we should be prohibited from using bacon in every facet of our life, except for Morningstar Farms' veggie "bacon" that tastes like shoes. This strange picture poll from the Huffington Post shows some of the more creative uses for bacon that I've ever seen, which makes Mo's Milk Chocolate Bacon Bar (from Vosges) seem positively conventional! My favorite? Carl Warner's "Bacon World" (shown above). The lamest? Bacon cupcakes. They're just yellow cupcakes with vanilla icing and a pathetic little piece of bacon jabbed into the top. Come on, show some creativity!


Torebki said...

I love bacon, I could eat tons of this and never get enough. But bacon is also extremely unhealthy. So fat and filled with pesticides, almost every time eaten roasted on fat. Well maybe I'm a little bit overreacting but I was huge long time ago, when I eat bacon everyday. No I eat in once a week and the situation is much much better (I can see my feet, and that is good).