Tuesday, August 04, 2009

IIIIIIIIIIIt's Baaaaaaaaaaaaack...

Another Baltimore Restaurant Week is upon us. I'm saving up to go out some night - or to save money, some day for lunch. Remember: dinners are $30.09 before drinks, tax and tip, lunches are $20.09. Due to the recession, I wonder just how popular this is going to be? On the plus side, normally expensive restaurants get a little more affordable. On the minus side, more people are choosing not to eat out.

Whatever happens, remember to maximize your eating experience by finding somewhere to go where they don't just put average crap that would normally add up to $30 anyway. Instead, look for the places that really give you a bargain for your money. And avoid the places where a typical meal would not normally cost upwards of $30 for dinner or $20 for lunch. I still have no clue why Café Hon does Restaurant Week since you can usually cobble together a full meal for a good bit less than $30 there.

One thing that concerns me: will whatever restaurant I eat at for Restaurant Week wind up closing down not long after, even though I gave them generally good reviews? It happened to Nasu Blanca. It happened to Vīn. Will it happen to some newly unsuspecting restaurant? It almost makes me not want to take part at all, for fear of cursing the place.


Katie said...

I was thinking the same thing about the prices of the restaurant week menu vs. the prices of the items on the regular menu. Many times it is cheaper to order separately from the regular menu.... However, at some restaurants the restaurant week menu offers dishes not typically on the regular menu.