Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Yes, I added a green ribbon

About a week ago I photoshopped my Twitter avatar green. Then I saw "Help Iran Election." Now there's a little green ribbon sitting on top of an already-green picture of steamed blue crabs.

I figured "What the hell? Why not? I'm Irish. I'm used to greenin' it up."

If you are on Twitter and haven't done so already, you can still either add a green ribbon or a greenish hue to your avatar. This is to show solidarity for the very brave Iranian protesters. Go to if interested and able.


Linda said...

So, can you tell me how to remove the green ribbon once it is on my photo?

John said...

If you upload a new one it will go away, but you won't get it back. That actually pissed me off because I changed my avatar and wanted to put the ribbon back, but it wouldn't let me.