Wednesday, June 03, 2009

NETTLE Pizza!?!?

Atlantic Magazine contributor Anastasia Curley suggests one pizza topping I have never heard of using: nettles. She writes:

Frankly, they're the kind of plant that you look at and think, "the first person who thought to eat these was either very brilliant or very desperate." Or both, perhaps, because nettles, which grow in profusion pretty much wherever they find themselves, make excellent pizza. They pair beautifully with tomato sauce and mozzarella (crack an egg on top for an extra flourish), and they make lovely soup, risotto, or frittata. When you cook with them you get the added bonus of a sense of pride in your frugality and sustainability--you're eating a weed!--along with a green, leafy taste.
Of course, she points out that many herbs would be good on a pizza, but you have to really work at prepping those nettles. Hell, I'll try it if I can find 'em at the next farmers' market.