Wednesday, June 17, 2009

HonFest Photos

My HonFest photos are now up on Flickr (view them all here), as are my photos from my recent trip to SoCal (those are here). I uploaded the ones I thought were the best, but just to share a smattering of them right here, right now:

The first thing I ate on Saturday was this massive cookie ($3 but about twice the size as their normal $1.75 cookie, which is already a big one) from Puffs and Pastries. It was so big I could not finish it.

THIS was the record-breaking, 250-something lb crab cake. Notice that it had to be served with an ice cream scoop.

This was what $10 got me. Again, not a great crab cake, but still good for one that came out of a 250+ lb crab cake (Dan at THG said the same in a comment to an earlier post)


"Step into mah hot pink chair, hon" said the hon to the unsuspecting kid.

Tasty potato pancakes (3 for $5)

Two hons get ready to get their pixchures taken

A spray of hons and hons-in-trainin' (would they be "punk hons" maybe?)

Class, hon. Class.


God bless us, every hon.