Saturday, June 13, 2009

HonFest, and the Biggest Crab Cake in the World!

It measured in at around 254 lbs. I got a piece of it. Initial verdict: I've had better, but I've had worse. What can you expect form a crab cake that weighs almost twice as much as you do (please don't hate me)? That said, it was relatively quite good. Photos will be following soon, probably tomorrow. You missed your chance to get this crab cake, but Dogwood Deli is selling some for $13 tomorrow at HonFest Day 2. Also catch Suzie's Soba, King's Halal Kabob (which is selling hot dogs - very tasty, but are those really halal?), Puffs N' Pastries (where I bought a $3 cookie that was as large as a 7" vinyl record -so much cookie), three different pit beef stands and the ever-ubiquitous "pile o' potatoes". Plus, tons of hons.


Dan said...

We popped over for a bit too, mostly to get a piece of The Crabcake. I'd have to turn in my badge as a Baltimore blogger if I failed to show. Chris was smart and asked for a "crispy" piece so we didn't end up with just random scatterings of crabcake. Passed on the roll and packets of tartar sauce that'd been baking under the sun all day. Verdict? Like you said, I've had better, I've had worse. G&M, Faidley's and Michael's won't be losing any sleep but for a nearly 300 lb crabcake cooked in a special pan and started around 3 AM it wasn't half bad. If it wasn't that they were $10 a pop I'd have gone back for another. Pix to come to THG blog soon.

John said...

I'll be looking for those pix. I never eat tomatoes or lettuce on my crab cakes, so I avoided their obligatory ones and just put tartar sauce and lots of Old Bay on mine.