Saturday, May 09, 2009

Look at My Face...

Grad school is almost over. Literally, it's about four days away. Regular posting will start back up again by the end of this upcoming week. Yay! I miss blogging. Plus, I'm working so hard that my defenses are down. I seem to be the only person I know of that has a cold. Nope, not swine flu. It's a cold.

Here's something funny I saw the other week. It's not food related at all. I just need some silly right now. Think Deven Green's mock soundtrack to the Brenda Dickson craptastic classic "Welcome to My Home" (both of which continually get yanked from YouTube due to copyright violations). Amac990 did his own music video using Deven Green's vocals. Isn't it fashion?


Cathy said...

I already told you this but I wanted to say it again...Congratulations!~ Now stop worrying!!!!!

This is hilarious! I wish they had not yanked the original spoof though:(