Friday, February 27, 2009

Natural Market (or, Who needs fish on Friday?)

I'm the first to admit: I'm a "lapsed Catholic." But for reasons bigger than I, I'm going meatless on Fridays during Lent. I tried on Ash Wednesday, too. Well, except for those delicious pieces of bacon I had for breakfast.

I've been forcing myself to eat no meat, only seafood, on Fridays. But it dawned on me that it would probably be a healthy alternative to also make some of those meatless Fridays into vegetarian Fridays.

So today, after a job interview that was more encouraging than I thought it would be, I went to the Natural Market in Timonium. There was some sort of tofu scramble that I thought was cauliflower. More interesting to me was the soy protein Sloppy Joe. For just $3 for a small container - enough to sustain me through three meals, with sides of course - I got the Sloppy Joe, which the guy behind the counter said was pretty popular. I admit: it tasted a lot better than I thought "vegan Sloppy Joe" would be. It tastes pretty good warm, wrapped in a corn tortilla with a slice of red onion. But caution: it's strong.