Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Oh Noes! (or, Live-Blogging doesn't work when your satellite is out)

Live-blogging will be a bit difficult tomorrow night. The reason? My DirecTV is out. I've thought about getting rid of it. The only reason I don't switch to cable is because they suck much worse, and actually cost a bit more for the same type of package. If I did switch at all, I'd be getting the $10/month limited basic coverage that just gives me the local channels and nothin' else.

Still, it's a pain that it will be down for the next two Wednesdays, since the earliest Saturday they can come out is the one after next (at least they won't charge me for the two weeks I am sans signal). So what will that mean? Well, apart from re-familiarizing myself with my DVD collection, NPR and YouTube, as well as getting some work done, I'll have to look for Top Chef 5 online somewhere. I'll probably be behind, since they don't seem to post full eps on Bravo's website for a full week after the show airs.

It also means that I will miss seeing "Restaurant Wars" with the rest o' y'all. I'll get used to it. And besides, if I figure out how nice being without TV for two weeks really is, I may decide to give it up altogether and get Comcast's uber-limited basic cable package.

BTW - Since Monday was Edgar Allen Poe's 200th birthday, and to honor our Ravens who just got thisclose to the Super Bowl, I was going to drink The Raven Special Lager, put out by Baltimore-Washington Beer Works. Since I won't be playing the drinking game with you all tomorrow night, I'll just have to save it for when I watch it online. Whenever that is.


theminx said...

Does Bravo have complete episodes hidden somewhere? I've only ever found one or two per season and they are usually posted as soon as the show airs.

John said...

I found the "Focus Group" episode on Hulu and on the show's web site, but that's all. Hopefully it'll be posted by tomorrow night and I can blog about it at my own pace?

Nanc Twop said...

To quote my nephew,
Major Bummer!

If I find it online I'll let you know.

p.s. Just watched the first part of Restaurant Wars, do you want any hints or do you want to steer clear of spoilers?

Nanc Twop said...

I forgot to tell you...

You can watch TC previews and buy ($1.99) eps of Top Chef online @ amazon.com , right after the show airs:

Top Chef on amazon

Good Luck!

John said...


No spoilers, please. I COULD buy it on Amazon, and maybe "live" blog it tomorrow. OR I could just find it free through other, untoward means. It's how I got to see the Christmas episode of Doctor Who, on Christmas...