Wednesday, December 24, 2008

There ain't no freakin' French fries, and there ain't no live blog tonight.

I wasn't even 100% sure until I checked the schedule tonight, but Top Chef 5 is taking a few weeks off, since it is airing on two of the worst TV nights in America: Christmas Eve, when people are either traveling or watching something Christmas-y, and New Year's Eve, where just about everyone will be celebrating in a non TC5-related way.

This is fine, since I wasn't planning to live-blog next week anyway. But now I have some extra "me time" tonight! :)

Also, thanks to Dan at The Hungover Gourmet for suggesting this add-on to my TC5 drinking game: whenever Tom makes a face after tasting something in the process of being cooked in the kitchen - and I adjusted it to include any time he makes a face, even when the cheftestants are just describing what they plan to do - take one drink.

So back to my cookie baking. Happy Christmas, and a Happy Third Day of Hanukkah! And to tide y'all over, some Jack-in-the-Box humor.