Friday, November 14, 2008

Thanks for Giving

I heard on the radio not too long ago that Bea Gaddy's Family Center might have to call off their annual Thanks for Giving dinner. I thought I heard it on WYPR but their search function won't work in either IE or Firefox. Here's something about Bea Gaddy's that Channel 11 did in October. The situation is not bright.

Last year they came in under the gun with less than they needed, but they were able to give. This year, however, with the economy crashing all around us people are having to tighten their belts everywhere, and fewer people can even afford to give. Hopefully you can give, either to Bea Gaddy's or to another worthy soup kitchen or food bank.

So with this post, I will be linking to some important Baltimore area charities that provide food (and sometimes shelter) to people who are most in need. Giving of your donations, your money or even just your time helps these guys out a lot! And if you know of any others I missed, please post it in the comments section and I'll add it to this list.

Bea Gaddy Family Centers (shelter, also responsible for the mammoth Thanks for Giving feast for the needy in Patterson Park on Thanksgiving day) - 425 North Chester Street, Baltimore, MD 21231' Phone: (410) 563-2749

Beans and Bread (shelter that provides for the hungry and homeless; a St. Vincent de Paul charity) - 402 South Bond Street, Baltimore, MD 21231; Phone: (410) 732-1892

Maryland Food Bank (massive food bank that collects donations from food drives, supermarkets and other organizations) - 2200 Halethorpe Farms Road, Baltimore, MD 21227; Phone: (410) 737-8282

Movable Feast (kitchen that delivers meals to the sick and housebound, especially those with AIDS; needs drivers for Thanksgiving week) - 901 North Milton Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21205; Phone: (410) 327-3420; Toll Free: (800) 556-9417

Our Daily Bread (full-service soup kitchen that feeds hundreds every day; one of many charities under the Maryland Catholic Charities umbrella) - 725 Fallsway Baltimore, MD 21202; Phone: (443) 986-9000


Summer said...

Thanks for this. As much as I feel like we're struggling, I know it's not remotely as bad as it feels... it's all relative. I can afford to donate and I will. Thanks for the information!

Julie said...

Great thing to do. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

John said...

Y'all: you're welcome. It's so important this time of year especially. Any time of the year, but especially now.