Thursday, November 06, 2008

Kojo on Obama: First Eater (?)

Todd Kliman, of Washingtonian Magazine, was on WAMU (88.5)'s Kojo Nnamdi Show today. The topic? President-Elect Barack Obama as "Foodie-in-Chief":

Grits, hushpuppies, greens, and other southern food went decidedly upscale when President Clinton's arrival in DC coincided with the debut of Georgia Browns. But for all the excitement in 2000 about a President Bush reviving local BBQ battles, this hasn't really happened. We project the impact an Obama Administration have on DC's Food Scene.
Had I known this was coming I'd have let people know. Fortunately for us, WAMU archives all episodes of Kojo Nnamdi, so you can listen to it in streaming audio here.