Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Change we can sink our teeth into (or Top Chef: 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue)

I know the press is jumping to announce every brand new hire the new Obama administration is making for its administration, but maybe they're going overboard on this. Or not. I mean, anyone can be Treasury Secretary or something like that,* but it takes that special person to keep the First Family fed whenever they need to be. So guess what the AP is speculating about now?

The previous First Chef, Walter Scheib, speculates that Prez-elect Obama will keep the current holder of the title, Cristeta Comford. And who knows? If and when Top Chef, when it reaches Season 12 in, oh, two years, finally comes to DC or - hey, one could dream - Baltimore, maybe they'll feature her as a guest judge?

One thing Scheib points out: this is not a job for a prima donna (there goes half of Top Chef's cheftestants right there), a rock star chef (thank God there go Guy Fieri and Bobby Flay) or any other TV personality (go away, Rachael Ray, Paula Deen and yes, even Ina Garten). Scheib says it requires a different breed of chef, one given to constant service. It sure seems like it'd be an exhausting job. I read once that Dubya - or was it Clinton? - kept his First Chef up at all hours to make him fried peanut butter sandwiches or something along those lines (yeah that'd be Clinton).

According to the AP article, the Obamas may not make change on their selection of First Chef, though they could shake things up by bringing in the occasional celebrity chef to plan and execute the occasional state dinner. That'd be fun - and give Chef Comford the occasional break.

* Yes, I am very, very much kidding about that.


Harland Crom said...

I'm psyched to see how the Foof Fighters factor into the show tonight. And I need to make my first pick for my last 2 game which is proving to be a tough decision. Anyone else playing?

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