Sunday, September 07, 2008

Dining Out for Life on September 18

Thursday, September 18 is Baltimore's Dining Out for Life, a national day/night out to benefit HIV/AIDS charities in their respective cities. Different cities have theirs at different times of the year, and the participating restaurants will donate at least 20% (sometimes more) of their nightly profits to the designated AIDS organization in the city. Cities from Albany to Asheville, Riverside to Grand Rapids will have taken part this year - altogether, 64 cities throughout the United States and Canada (a complete list can be found here).

Most cities held their Dining Out festivities on or around April 24 (DC's was even earlier, on March 6). Baltimore, however, beats to its own drum (read: Baltimore procrastinates), so ours is happening almost five months after pretty much everybody else's (Louisville's is the latest, on December 8). Why is that exactly?

Forty-five restaurants are participating, most of which will donate 20% of their proceeds that night (or day if also doing lunch) to Movable Feast, Baltimore's designated AIDS charity. They deliver meals to house-bound AIDS patients. Some, including the Brewer's Art, Gertrude's, RUB and Meli Patisserie, will donate a full 50% of their proceeds. Check the DOFL Baltimore website for a complete list. And get out if you can to eat for a worthy cause!


Summer said...

Thanks for this! Sounds like a good reason to go to Brewers Art on a Thursday.

Did you get to the Ukrainian festival this weekend? We're about to head over for some beer and pierogies! Yum!

The Baltimore Babe said...

This looks good. What restaurants do you think are the best to go to?