Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Diet Inka Kola - and something nobody could've figured out

I stopped by Perchi's in Glen Burnie today - picking up some menus and seeing if there were any places I missed the first time around for the Beltway Snacking series (I'm doing some recaps in the near future). And hunger took me over as the memory of delicious Peruvian rotisserie chicken flooded my mind. Before I knew it I dropped $7.75 on a quarter-chicken with rice and beans, and a side of chicken chaufa (Peruvian chicken fried rice). After that, I noticed the refrigerated case next to the counter had canned horchata - never heard of that - and Inka Kola - the "cola dorada" (golden cola). I wouldn't have gotten it had I not seen the gold-on-white can of Diet Inka Kola! At just zero calories, it tastes pretty much the same as Inka Kola regular. That's a bubble gum-like flavor that I'm not such a big fan of. But it's not really obnoxious and I'd get it again.

In other, non-food-related news...

I'm surprised he didn't wait until National Coming Out Day for this, but the boy is relatively new to this whole "I'm gay" thing so it's understandable:

Linked from the Huffington Post website

Why am I showing this? Frankly I'm surprised. No, not at the news, just at the fact that he's finally come out on his own! So congrats to Clay Aiken. This is never easy to do (let me assure you). I imagine it's especially so if you're in the public eye. And people have been pretty cruel in their speculations.

Still, for the rest of us - gay and not - let me be one of many to send up a collective "Yawn...." before just shelving this for good.