Saturday, August 02, 2008


Thanks to the folks down the street from me who are just giving some of their stuff away before they move, I am now the proud owner of a used charcoal grill. How lucky is that? I was heading out to Waverly for the market today, where I also got a humongous $2 bunch of cilantro, and another $2 bunch of basil, plus a bunch of spring onions, all for only $4.50 (God, farmers' market basil smells so much better than the hydroponic stuff you find in the store). Driving out I saw a yard sale with an unused charcoal grill, the kind that sells for $50 at Rite Aid. When I came back I parked at my place, walked over and before I could even form the phrase "How much for the grill? Is it for sale?" the woman of the house just cheerfully said "It's free, it's all free! Take whatever you want!" I also got a rug covered in dog hair, which I need to vacuum up, a little Linens n' Things-type black square basket, and several votive honeycomb candles.

But I'm still reeling, in a good way, from that grill. Now I have to track down a cheap chimney.


Kitt said...

Sweet! Love finding good free stuff that you actually need. (I always keep an eye out in our alleys; people put out all kinds of useful stuff: a wine rack, table, chairs, shutters ...)

Have fun grilling!