Friday, August 15, 2008

Full Feed is back for now

In response to the overwhelming cry out for full feeds to come back, I've restored it. Now: if anyone has any suggestions for stopping the spam bots from stealing my posts, I'd really appreciate 'em!


Anonymous said...

If you find a way, let us know, too!!

Anonymous said...

a) Do what the rest of us do and just accept that thieves will be thieves, or

b) try adding Google Adsense for Feeds or something and see if you get ad-money when they reprint!

Alex said...

Hooray for full feeds!

Unfortunately, no good advice on stopping plagiarism. In a way, it's flattering. They wouldn't steal if it weren't worth stealing; by comparison, I don't think my stuff gets lifted anywhere.

Anonymous said...

alex makes a good point, related to something Cory Doctorow says: "I'd rather be in the 'worth stealing' camp than the 'beneath notice' camp."

John said...

Yeah but I don't think anyone's consciously plagiarizing so much as it's just a spambot stealing random feeds.

Hmmm, maybe I could always post a link back to this page at the end of every feed, because I know that many of those spambots never link back to me. This way they have to, and the guy who robbed Peter gets robbed right back by Peter!