Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Lady is Singed

Heard not long ago that The Lady and Sons suffered some minor fire damage. Glad not much damage was done. I haven't eaten at TL&S before. Then again, the last time I was in Savannah was 2003, when my cousin Bruce, his wife Carolyn and the kids took me the two hour ride by minivan from Augusta to visit it and Fort Pulaski. A stop in the city was mandatory.

My friends Alan and Eric headed to Savannah and nearby Charleston, South Carolina (currently featured in a Baltimore Magazine article) for a vacation last year. On my suggestion, they stopped by Paula Deen's then-non-fire-damaged restaurant. They got there for the buffet. From what they tell me, it wasn't very good. Looks as if the Lady and Sons puts out their lower-quality stuff for their buffet.

Maybe things will go better in that big uber-buffet Paula has just opened up in Tunica, Mississippi? Oh, and watch the video on the aforelinked website. The song by Crossin Dixon grates on my nerves a bit, but the reactions of the people in the video? SNL couldn't have done a funnier job (during their good years, I mean).

Leslie Ann mentioned in a past comment (which I can't find) that there's a very strange ad for the "Paula Deen Tunica Buffet Experience" running as far away as Atlanta. Sadly I have not been able to find this ad on YouTube, but I did find this promo video. If you watch long enough, at about 1:50 or so you hear Paula express her desire to have "more children" with Harrah's Casino (who is, frankly, not my type):


theminx said...

Yuck. Casino buffets. I knew I didn't like her.

John said...

Hey though: I've had some pretty decent buffets at casinos before. The Aladdin Casino's buffet in Vegas is amazing for (at the time, Thanksgiving 2003) $21. No gambling, just sight seeing. And of course, my recent trip to the Morongo Casino run by the Morongo Band of Mission Indians out in Cabazon, CA was great simply because it was free - thanks to my friend Gil who had earned a few free meals from them.

K8teebug said...

That is sad to hear. Look's like I'll be sticking with Jestine's Kitchen when visiting Charleston.

Anonymous said...

To the last commenter: I have been to Jestine's and it is a tourist trap and not very good.

Next check out top 100 recipes for 2007 on Foodnetwork. One of Paula's Mac n cheese recipes is number one. No wonder we are all so fat.

John said...

k8 and Leslie: So there's another buffet I'll be avoiding when I ultimately do get down to Charleston!

Leslie: Why am I not surprised that Paula's Mac n' Cheese is in the Top 100 of 2007? Oy!