Monday, June 09, 2008

From the "You Like Me! You Really Like Me!" Files

Fresh from Washingtonian Magazine: this report by Ann Limpert about the James Beard Awards in New York City. Lots of awards recognizing excellence in American food. Some notable prizes:

  • Best New Restaurant: DC's Central Michel Richard (beating out a new venture by Mario "I Hate Bloggers Cuz They Whine A Lot" Batali)
  • Best Mid-Atlantic Restaurant: Alas, Baltimore's Charleston Restaurant was beaten out by the CityZen restaurant in DC. Maybe next year, Chef Wolf?
  • Not sure if this is a prize, but Bobby Flay and Kim Cattrall were the presenters.
One more motivation to go to Charleston - and one more reason to stand outside drooling while I look dejectedly at the menu that shows the cost of dinner is about half a month's rent.

Read more about the James Beard Awards in Ms. Limpert's article, posted above.

UPDATE: Again with the political bloggers weighing in on culinary issues. Matthew Yglesias and Ezra Klein were never fans. Now Yglesias officially proclaims it "overrated".