Sunday, May 11, 2008

Opera is great - for most stuff

A few years ago I became an early convert to the Mozilla Firefox browser. It was light years ahead of Internet Explorer, which I still think is a particularly useless browser. It's good for one thing: checking your work email, but that's only if your workplace uses an Outlook-based email interface. Ironically, IE has now taken on a more Firefox-like appearance, with tabs and everything (the lats browser to pick up on the trend).

As of late, Firefox has been getting buggier and buggier, slower and slower - in short, more IE-like. SO I find myself going back to an IE-alternative that I used before I had even heard of Firefox. That would be the Opera browser. Currently at Opera 9 status, I found just by accidentally clicking on it that it's, in fact, much faster on the load and open than Firefox or (especially) IE.

There is one problem with Opera, though, and it's a big pain-in-the-ass if you use Blogger with any frequency. I just corrected a spelling error in one of yesterday's posts (that's me, always going back and correcting things - I just did it now to add a link), and I used Opera. Then I hit "Publish" and my post wound up looking, well, like this:

Mind you, all the photos and video and the text attached to them were centered before I hit the "Publish Post" button. This is what it is supposed to look like:

That is after I went back and fiddled around with it some more in Firefox. Thankfully, the post looks normal now. But I do highly recommend Opera over even Firefox now. But please don't use Opera with Blogger. It just ain't workin' right.


Alex said...

I've been tempted to switch myself, with Firefox getting slower with every new release. Now that everyone's got tabs, it's all groovy so long as its quick.

John said...

Opera does have tabs, and when you left click on a link, it lets you choose to open it in the same tab, a background tab or a foreground tab, or a new window in the background or front. It does have some quirks but I still use Firefox for those. I avoid IE like the plague. In fact, on my desktop IE crashes every time I open it.