Saturday, May 17, 2008

Memorial Day Poll: Charcoal, Propane or Me?

Are you a propane purist like Hank Hill, going for that smooth, even burn that only gas can give? Or do you think a real man (or woman) passes up that wussy propane for the drier heat and heartier flavor that only charcoal can give? Or maybe you'd rather just go to McDonald's? Each camp has its plusses. Propane is easy to use, though charcoal really imparts a nice flavor (that and I'm writing while someone outside is grilling with it). Then again, you can always just use an electric grill if you do all your grilling inside (here's Adam at the Amateur Gourmet talking about the ins and outs of indoor grillin').

What do y'all think? I'm firmly in the charcoal camp to be honest, but that's me. So, charcoal, propane, electric, or what? And if you're just having a Soyjoy - eww - this Memorial Day coming up, weigh in anyway. Whatever you do though, do it by the 31st. That's when the poll closes.

BTW: the results of the last poll are up: with 46 people voting (or 46 different votes), the broiled crowd wins in a landslide with almost 2/3 of all votes cast.


Kitt said...

I'm a propane gal. Not because it tastes better, but because I'd never deal with the hassle of grilling for myself if I had to mess with charcoal all the time.

George Murphy said...

I couldnt live without my Weber Grill