Friday, April 18, 2008

Maryland Food Bank Raffle!!!

I just got a comment a few minutes ago from "Rebecca" from the "maryland food Bank." I was a bit suspicious, because I am familiar with the Maryland Food Bank and what they do. I've volunteered there once or twice in the past and I know they do good stuff. What made me suspicious was the content of the post, which I've deleted but reprinted here for you in its entirety (hyperlink added by me):

Anonymous rebecca from the maryland food Bank said...

Help the Maryland Food Bank!

Win round-trip business class airfare for two to London on British Airways. It’s only $20 per chance and all proceeds benefit the Maryland Food Bank. The drawing will be held at our 2008 Blue Jean Ball on May 2, 2008. Ticket quantity is limited…so act fast!

Visit this site to purchase your ticket:

It seemed strange, because they seem to have a tight budget, and offering anything this nice is probably beyond their means, right? So instead of going to this website, I went directly to the MFB's site itself, and it indeed checks out! British Airways has donated the tickets, but only if sold as a raffle. And the price of the ticket will go to help many hungry Marylanders.

So again: a $20 raffle ticket, for two people, to London, England, UK. All proceeds benefit the good work of the Maryland Food Bank. I may in fact just buy one!


roopa said...

I got that comment, too, and thought it was a little shady. Apparently you’re not a lazyass like I am; I didn’t bother to check out the MD food bank site.

Hm, maybe I’ll buy a ticket…I could use a vacation!

John said...

After I posted I called them, and again they definitely confirmed. You can also call them, mail a check or go in person to the MD Food Bank to buy a ticket. I was thinking while I was stuck in traffic today how nice it'd be to get that surprise call that - GASP - I won! But then I stopped deluding myself when I realized there's just a 1 in 750 chance of me winning, and there's only one set of tickets. I'll keep my fingers crossed but I'm not holding my bloody breath. And again, my money went to a good cause anyway :)