Sunday, March 30, 2008

Yes, Charm City Cakes has a blog.

I don't know why I didn't bother to link to it before. Food Network Addict has talked about it for months. Can't read all the posts at once, I think. You can only read one at a time.


Broadsheet said...

Mary ALice was one of the first bloggers in Baltimore. Her blog was called "Malice in Wonderland", and I missed reading it when "Ace of Cakes" started and she stopped blogging there. She came to a couple of the older blogger happy hour events.

John said...

Ah, the price of fame. I guess she's too busy to go to those sorts of things now. Oh well!

Anonymous said...

Never watched the show, never tried the cake, just happened to come across your blog in a Google search.

I feel the need to warn any of you that are considering visiting Charm City Cakes that the staff of this establishment may very well call the cops on you. No joke- it happened to me last week! Went to take some pictures in front of the bakery with a friend who's a fan that was in town, tried to see some cakes through the windows, the usual touristy stuff. They asked us to leave, so we did, but I was then followed and pulled over by FIVE police cars plus a police van. Cops eventually let us leave, but leave it to reality TV folks to have a hugely warped sense of reality; they claimed we were committing attempted burglary! Just wanted to give potential visitors a heads up.