Thursday, March 06, 2008

City Paper Eats Guide

The City Paper put out its annual (free) eats guide this week. I saw it at the Little Grove (I forgot to bring my lunch, okay?). Actually, I saw the cover story by Henry Hong about everything that you always wanted to know about the incredible, edible crab cake, and the eats guide fell out when I picked the paper up. I'll be perusing it over the next few days. I like this one a bit better than the one put out by Baltimore Magazine, which seems to base its expensiveness rankings on an upper-middle-class sliding scale. Plus, the City Paper has more restaurants in it.

That's all for now. Find one around town - how many are there? Hundreds of thousands it seems like?

UPDATE - I just read some of the Hong article. The man went to all these different places in town that are noted for their crab cakes. Some he raved about (Breezy Point Seafood Company in Rosedale - I've never heard of them. If the author is telling the truth, I'm glad I know about them now) and some, well, didn't come out shining (Faidley's? Gertrude's? G&M's? All a bit overrated by his estimation). Not even a mention of Phillip's, an area institution who shamelessly imports much of its meat from Thailand (though not 100% secretively -read the bottom of the can the next time you get it). Guess they didn't merit one.

But of course, hundreds handfuls of a few commenters are giving Hong what-for, telling him that their neighborhood crab cake is, of course, the best, and that he's a stupid head. Still, I am astounded by the task he's done, and the good fortune to go to sample a dozen different crab cakes in and around Baltimore. Wow, I am just, wow.

So Henry, when are you going to try more crab cakes? Need someone to come along? Can I come watch you and that one guy you challenged to a foreign vs domestic crab cake duel? No reason, except there will be crab cakes there and I want some.