Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sweeney and Zombie: Separated at Birth?

This is somehow related to food, I promise, but...

I am one of those extremely rare fans of both musical auteur Stephen Sondheim and horror groundbreaker George Romero. And with the recent releases of the movie adaptation Sweeney Todd and the recent Diary of the Dead, it struck me (again) that there are a few parallels between the two masters of their respective crafts:

  • Both are, as I just said, masters of their respective crafts - Sondheim is a leading figure in musical theater, Romero in horror;
  • Both have people eating disgusting things in their musicals - Romero's characters eat people, Sondheim's eat, well, people in pies (at least in Sweeney Todd);
  • Both put out some bloody product.
    • Romero's movies are, by their very nature, bloody - all these zombies eating people (Night, Dawn, Day and Land of the Dead, and now this one)...
    • Sondheim's musicals are somewhat bloodier than the average musical, as seen in Sweeney Todd (where unsuspecting people are made into meat pies), Into the Woods (where half the cast is killed by a giant, who even eats one of the characters I think) and Assassins (which is about successful and unsuccessful presidential assassins);
      • On a specifically foodie angle: Sondheim has a baker-fetish: three of his musicals feature bakers as important characters - Sweeney Todd, Into the Woods (two bakers in that one, a husband and wife team), and Sunday in the Park with George;
  • They kind of look alike:


Separated at birth, no? I think I want a meat pie now.

UPDATE: Apparently Romero is a Sondheim fan - he has Sunday in the Park with George in his car and listens to it all the time.