Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Restaurant Week(s) Galore!

Yes, the semi-annual Baltimore Restaurant Week (January 28 - February 3) is encroaching upon us again. I probably won't be eating out that much, but I know I'll be out at least once. I just have to figure out where to go!

And on top of all that, a few other Restaurant Weeks are popping up - in places I will either be at or can get to. Next week is Washington Restaurant Week (January 14 - 20). Prices are the same as ours - $20 for prix fixe lunch, $30 for dinner. I may have to take a trip down to investigate.

On top of that, New York Restaurant Week - the mother of all restaurant weeks, apparently - will be happening when I am up there. It is only during the week, not the weekends, from January 21 - 25 and again from January 28 - February 1. I will be in town on January 25 (I scored cheap tickets to see the fresh in from London, Olivier-winning revival of Sunday in the Park with George. On opening night, woohoo!). As long as I can find a place that doesn't require a jacket and tie I'm there. There it'll be $25 for lunch, $35 for dinner, but still quite cheap when most of these places will charge you $50 just to sit down (I'm exaggerating of course).

A few other Restaurant Weeks in places I doubt I will get to on the way, but if you're in the area, then hey, go for it:

Virginia Beach Restaurant Week - January 13 - 20 (this one's fast on our heels)

Norfolk (Downtown) Restaurant Week - January 20 - 27 (in case you missed Virginia Beach's)

Philadelphia (Center City) Restaurant Week - January 27 - February 1

Bethesda Restaurant Week - January 28 - February 3 (kudos to DC Foodies for this tip)

Annapolis / Eastern Shore Restaurant Week - March 9 - 14 (for those who really like planning ahead)- $26.95 for three course prix fixe dinner, or just $11 for prix fixe lunch with dessert. Wow!

And this one's a hike, but if you'll be there:

Boston Restaurant Week - March 9 - 14 and March 16 - 21


Alex said...

I plan on taking advantage of the event this year, the only problem is there's so many places that I want to try.

Anonymous said...

I will be in DC that weekend. Yeah!!!!

John said...

Alex: There are indeed too many places to try, in Baltimore and DC. My brain, in fact, hurts very much from trying to figure out where to go! Any of the ones I ate at last time were good if you're looking for suggestions.

Leslie: I remember you suggested Butterfield 9 when you went there with Ed a few months ago. I may have to choose that one if anything; the food sounds and looks wonderful.

jmc said...

I've got reservations at a couple of places in DC (love Open Table) but it seems like fewer of the Baltimore restaurants use it. Being lazy, that makes me less likely to try a new place out.