Monday, January 14, 2008

DC Restaurant Week? It'll have to wait...

Sad to report that I didn't make it down to Washington today - family emergency, and of course family is much more important than some restaurant. So I'm not able to try Butterfield 9 until the next Food Week. Instead, I'm perusing the list on the DC Foodies' website that shows more than a few restaurants are extending the Winter Restaurant Week thing through the end of January. Unfortunately, B9 isn't one of them, so next week I'll just go to one of the others. I've narrowed it down to

  • Oya , a chi-chi Mediterranean in Downtown (DCRW prices until January 31), and
  • Farrah Olivia in Alexandria (dinner offered the same dates as Oya, though the $20.08 prix fixe lunch is available for the entire year).
BTW: Farrah Olivia is the restaurant run by Ivorian former Next Iron Chef also-ran Morou Outtara, who combines American, African (specifically West African) and French cuisines. I've been drooling to try chef Outtara's foods. But since Farrah Olivia offers its prix fixe lunch year round, I think I'll go to Oya, which does not.

As for y'all, try to make it down there this week if you can. If not, there are other options.


The Constant Skeptic said...

thanks for the tip about dc restaurant week